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Hello! We are Wayne and Erin Bircham, along with sons Leigh, his wife Olivia and Jordan. We ranch in the Cypress Hills in the Southwest corner of Saskatchewan, commonly known as short grass country. Our ranch consists of 700 commercial cows and 100 registered Black Angus cows, selling coming 2 year old bulls by private treaty.


This will be our 33rd year selling Black Baldie replacement heifers. This year we will be consigning approximately 280 Top Cut bred heifers to sell on December 14, 2020 at the ranch.




In the mid 1980’s, the Bircham family began the switch from a straight Hereford operation to the present program, which uses Horned Hereford females and Registered Black Angus bulls as service sires. By carefully studying and implementing the best genetics of both breeds, this program offers commercial producers the top cut of first cross high-quality heifers. Calves are born from March 15th to May 15th on a sixty-day breeding program. We have culled ruthlessly for udders, feet, hair, and fertility. Approximately 82-85% of our calves are born in the first three weeks. Every dry cow is culled.


We practice a full herd health program using the Bova-Shield Gold Program at branding and weaning. These heifers are Express Verified with the whole herd (including bulls) getting a shot of Express FP 5VL5. The sale heifers received Ivomec at weaning and at preg checking. Females receive NO implants. The calves are weaned in early October and are fed a ration of 1.5 pounds of rolled barley and cut feed, which is 60% grass/alfalfa hay and 40% cereal crop.

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Our first cross Black Baldie heifers are bred and selected with femininity, fertility, milking ability, and maternal traits, which is uppermost in our minds so that our purchasers can buy with confidence.


Our heifers were exposed to Black Angus bulls from June 10th until August 6th. They are bred to FF Dempsey B15 Sons, FF Black Gold E13 Sons, and Bircham Vance 72B Sons. All the above bull birth weights range from 70-80 lbs.


We have had many repeat buyers for our heifers over the years and they have been extremely pleased with the results. We make it a practice to follow up on how our heifers perform. If any problems arise, we will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase of heifers.

Our 2020 sale offering consists of:

· 210 F1 Black Brockle Face (Black Angus X Horned Hereford)

· 10 Straight Black

· 60 F1 Black Simmental X Black Angus


In the early 2000’s we started our Registered Purebred Black Angus herd to allow us to raise our own high maternal Black Angus bulls. We purchased influential cow families from prominent herds such as Ebon Hill Angus, Sandy Bar Ranch, and Remington Land & Cattle. Limited use of AI and Embryo Transfers has been used to help improve our Angus herd. This Program lets us produce groups of closely related sires for our Baldie heifers. We have been sourcing high quality herd sires from Flesch Angus (Shelby MT), Glennie Bros. Angus (Carnduff SK),and Ebon Hill Angus (Bow Island AB).

The bloodlines raised at Bircham Ranch are:

· Right Time Sons

· Density Sons

· On Target Sons

· Black Design Sons

· Thunder Sons

The bulls sourced from

· Ebon Hill Angus include: Chisum Sons and Alliance Sons

· Flesch Angus: Dempsey Sons

· Glennie Bros.: Arsenal Sons


It is essential that the mothers to the bulls we purchase have sound feet, well-balanced udders, high milk production stats, and good hair coats.

FF Dempsey Son

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Bircham Ranch Vance 72B


Glennie Arsenal Son

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Ebon Hill Chisum Son

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We source all our Hereford females from Purebred and Commercial Herds around South West Saskatchewan. These females come from:

· Wilson Brothers, McCord SK

· Gillespie Herefords, Wymark SK

· Scott White, Shaunavon SK

· Bert & Heather Anderson, Sceptre SK

· Hills Galore Stock Farm, Hazlet SK

We select these Hereford Females on the basis of their genetic background, conformation, length, well balanced udders, sound feet, and good hair coats.






In the fall of 2012 we purchased a group of Registered Black Angus cows from Ken & Heather Frederickson of Wawota SK with the goal of producing F1 Simmental Cross Bred

Heifers. Since then we have used descendants of the Frederickson cows as well as Angus females from our Purebred Division.

We use only Homozygous Polled and Homozygous Black Purebred Simmental bulls to ensure all of the F1 Simmental Heifers are Black and Polled. The bulls we have purchased are out of excellent cows with very good feet and udders from progressive Simmental Breeders.

We have bought Black Simmental bulls from:


· Townview Farms: In Dew Time Sons

Advance Sons

· Muirhead Cattle Co.: Tracker Sons

Pit Boss Sons

· EDN Simmentals: Pit Boss Sons

· Herter Simmentals: In Dew Time Sons

Sweat Meat Son

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Leigh and Jordan were members of the Bear Creek 4-H Beef Club and their Black Baldie steers have been declared champions locally as well as at Maple Creek Regional Fair. A Black Baldie cow and calf won overall female champion at Regional Fair.


Steer calves purchased from our herd by others for 4-H competitions have been champions at Swift Current Fair, 4-H on Parade at Calgary, and Calgary British Cross Class at Calgary Stampede. There are steers still being shown at Bear Creek and at Regional Fair.


In 2004, the Bircham family received the Saskatchewan Hereford Association Commerical Cattleman of the Year.


In 2006, the Bircham family received the Saskatchewan Angus Association's Commercial Cattleman of the Year.

We enjoy showing people our cattle, we extend an invitation to come visit us!

We Welcome Your Questions and most importantly,

We Stand Behind Our Cattle!

If you require further information, please contact us: 


Wayne, Erin, Leigh & Olivia, Jordan Bircham

Box 238

Piapot, Saskatchewan



(8 miles south of Piapot)


Wayne:  Phone/Fax:  (306) 558-4514

Wayne Cell:  (306) 662-7940

Erin Cell: 306-662-7340

Leigh:  (306) 662-8067

Jordan:  (306) 662-7427

Email:  wayneerin50@hotmail.com

Leighs Email: lbircham@hotmail.ca