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Top Land and Cattle Ltd.


Our ranch is located five miles northwest of Eastend, part of which is in the scenic Frenchman Valley.


The cow herd consists of around 200 Red Angus cross cattle. The cows’ mature weight is approximately 1300 lbs, strictly culled for disposition, udder, feet, and fertility.  Cows are bred for 55-60 days and all open cows are culled.


The sale heifers and my replacement red heifers are run together. They are all exposed for 42 days to easy calving Red Angus bulls.  About 50 red white face cows are bred Red Angus for in herd replacements.  The remaining cows are bred Charolais.

Red Topham Patrick   Birth Weight 77 lbs.

Sparrows Bull

Jones Bull

No tan heifers are retained in herd, so only the very best are selected for this sale.


         The heifers were exposed to bulls with easy calving red angus bulls, from June 10th to July 22nd.  They received Starvac 4 plus Somnu-star Ph and Tasvax 8 at branding and weaning.  Before breeding they received Express 5-VL5.  This fall they were preg checked by ultrasound and received Ivomec and Scour-bos 4


For further information call me:


Kelly Topham

Top Land and Cattle Ltd.

Eastend, SK

Cell:  (306) 295-7900    



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