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Topham Ranches is in its fourth generation of raising cattle on the homestead, which is located 9 miles northwest of Eastend, SK.  Our ranch has been breeding Red Angus for 35 years and in the purebred Red Angus business for 25 years.  We run 450 commercial cows with about 20 of the top notch purebred bulls we can find. 


We ventured into the Red Angus breed for many reasons as they are good milkers, have a great disposition, and are easy calvers.  The first thing we look for in an animal is good feet.  Then we work our way up and want a great udder, some length, and a nice thick coat of hair.  The mothers of these heifers average approximately 1400 lbs.  Some of these cows have been productive in our herd for 15 years.  They must be good and productive to stay around, as we cull pretty hard.

The sires of these heifers are no weaker than the sires we breed to our purebred cow herd.  The bulls all have a nice low birth weight with none higher than 80 lbs.  The bulls were turned out with these heifers starting June 13 until July 21, so the heifers will start calving around the middle of March.

Foundation Bulls:  Sires of the mothers; their semen is still being used and sold world wide

Red Dwajo Sundance 114A

A bull we used on the pure bred cows and have used several sons of his on the commercial cows

Red Brylor Richter 212R

A bull we still AI the pure bred cows to. He makes incredible females.

The bred heifers we have selected for the Rock Solid Sale are the cream of the crop.  Every year we select the top 120 heifers out of approximately 220 to stay and become the future producers of the Ranch.  We have selected a strong, even bunch of heifers for a reason and we stand behind them 100%.  These heifers grazed here at home this past summer and are now weighing in at an average of 1250 lbs.

2021 Heifers


Heifers bred to the following red angus bull


Red Moose Creek Macoun 13E
  BW: 72


Red Topham Freeway 82H
BW: 78

The heifers were vaccinated with  Vision 7 and Express 5 at branding and weaning.  Before breeding they received Express 3 and this fall they were given Scour Bos 4, Tasvax 8, and Ivomec.  

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