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Diamond K Cattle Co.

      Diamond K Cattle Co. Ltd. lies on the picturesque north slope of the Cypress Hills and consists of vast grass lands cradled between the east and west blocks of Cypress Hills 18 miles southwest of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. This ranching operation was established in 1997 when the individual operations of Ken Weiss, Lance Weiss and Bryce Weiss were amalgamated. The Diamond K brand is now under the ownership of Bryce and Dena Weiss. The cow herd was developed with a goal of producing a premium female with the foundation herd being Simmental - Red Angus cross. We breed those cows to Simmental and Red Angus bulls to produce the ½ and ¼ blood bred heifers

that we offer for sale in the Rock Solid Bred Heifer sale.

We went back to using Charolais bulls on a group of our own cows a few years ago so that we could continue to offer some of our top-quality tan bred heifers.

Many of our sale heifers are bred to Charolais bulls by our customers to produce a top quality cross bred calf. This red cow, white bull combo produces offspring that is hard to beat at the auction market.

We guarantee our heifers to perform, if there are any problems, we stand behind them 100%. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, we will refund or replace.

We offer complementary delivery, don’t worry about bringing your trailer to the sale.

We grew our program by breeding a select group of our sale heifers to Charolais heifer bulls three years ago. In addition to breeding these heifers Charolais they are bred to calve in an earlier window. This year we have 69 heifers that were exposed to half brothers of the great calving ease bull Legend for 45 days from May 2th to June 17th to produce a February calf.

The balance of the heifers were exposed for 42 days from June 5th to July 17th.

Heifers receive Express pre-breeding, and in the fall they get their first shot of Scour Guard and Ivomec.


      See you all on sale day where we will have:

55 - Red x Simmental heifers bred Charolais due to calve in February

43 - Red x Simmental heifers bred Red Angus to calve in March

14 - Red x Simmental Baldies bred Red Angus due to calve in February

9 - Tan heifers bred Red Angus due to calve in March


 Rock Solid Bred Heifer Sale.

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Please contact Bryce for more information:


Home: 306-662-2926

Cell: 306-662-8733



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